bosun, large tender captain,  competition sport fisherman

Captain Benjamin Madden




USA Passport, Global Entry

Based in Stuart Florida

Non-Smoking, Non-Drinking, No Tattoos

English, and Intermediate Spanish.

Year of Birth:  1998



  • USCG 100ton Near Coastal license, in process of upgrading to USCG/Cayman 200ton, Oceans.

  • Full STCW 2010 Endorsement.

  • Radar Unlimited Endorsement.

  • Extensive independent operating experience of vessels to 18-meters.

  • Extensive experience maneuvering/docking/mooring vessels to 54-meters.

My objective is to secure a crew position on a vessel of more than 100GT so that I may continue to expand my licensing with both the USCG, and Cayman Islands.  My preference is to work on a yacht where the owners and guests enjoy a robust fishing program via a center console or sport fishing vessel as a tender.  My experience below dictates my ability to operate in unison with the Captain of a mother ship, while maintaining the command of the chase vessel, including but not limited to: Cleanliness, Preventative maintenance, Navigation, Stocking of Provisions, Neatly wrapping towels, Sun needs, and first aid. My references will prove me capable of cost effectively rigging a vessel for fishing within the budget parameters of the owner while not wasting money on unnecessary equipment.  

                              Vessels Served

Sport Fishing Vessel REEL WHEELS 2, 30meter Bayliss                            February 2020-Current

 As mate on this vessel we packed and planned for a 2 year stent in Costa Rica fishing out of Los Suenos. The vessel started out in Ft. Lauderdale and we made the eight day trip to Los Suenos through the Panama canal. After a couple of months we ran into this Pandemic and haven’t been able to get back to the boat.

Sport Fishing Vessel NO AGENDA, 22meter Rybovich                    December 2018-Febuary 2020

My duties on this vessel were many, I was the first and only mate along with the captain. I maintained the interior and exterior of the vessel full time. All of the fishing equipment and rigging responsibilities belonged to me. We did many trips to the Bahamas blue marlin fishing and island hopping with many nights at anchor. Satisfaction of the owner and his guests was the ultimate goal.

Motor Yacht RUSCELLO, 38-meter San Lorenzo               June 2018 -December 2018

This was a seasonal position with an option to return. My roll on this vessel was First Officer, and Tender Captain. I was responsible for all aspects of the 10-meter twin engine Intrepid tender. My responsibilities included training and directing the crew on how to properly, cost effectively, and efficiently maintaining a new vessel exterior. With the intrepid I transported the principle and took them on various excursions usually on my own. Often, I would train other crew members on how to effectively and safely operate the tender. I maintained all the logs for both vessels, including but not limited to, Maintenance logs, Oily record, Garbage log, Official log, Crew agreement log, GMDSS log, and Medical log. I also maintained all the Cayman Flag statutory lifesaving appliances and kept their expiry on a Google calendar. When the Chief Engineer was off the vessel I was the one who was responsible for the daily checks and needs of the Engineering Department. We spent a majority of our time in Miami and Mexico traveling between Isla Mujeres, Cancún, and Cozumel. I have maneuvering, docking, and mooring experience on the mother vessel.

Motor Yacht MIZU, 54-meter.  OceanFast                    

November 2016 – June 2017  

I was brought in specifically to serve mainly as the Tender Captain for a high-profile charter client on a 4-month charter.  When the 10-meter tender was not in use, I was able to serve as Bosun. It was the Russian first officer that also helped me gain a better understanding of the duties of properly maintaining a pilot house to Flag and Class standards.  When I could I would also spend time assisting the engineer.  During the 4-month charter we operated in Miami, Extensive Bahamas, and Cuba.  I have maneuvering, docking, and mooring experience on the mother vessel.

Motor Yacht Never Say Never, 38meter Oceanfast                       

November 2016-June 2017

This yacht was also part of the previous yacht MIZU program. I would be brought on for specific charters and assist with moving the vessel. Most charters on this vessel were day charters and I would operate on more of a first officer capacity. I have maneuvering, docking, and mooring experience on this vessel.


Sport Fishing Vessel My Lynn, 20-meter Merritt                                        

August 2017-March 2018  

My capacity was first mate. I maintained the cleanliness of the vessel inside and out. I assisted with all of the preventative maintenance.  All of the fishing equipment inventory and rigging all the baits were part of my responsibilities. We fished a full Blue Marlin season in the Dominican Republic. I used my extensive fishing knowledge to help others improve their fish count. I love to watch and aid in the success of others landing their big catch. 

My Lynn.png

Other vessels Captain Benjamin would temp or Tournament Fish on:

  • Motor Yacht Freddy, 30-meter Lazzara.   2014 Summer job.   Bahamas, Fort Lauderdale 

  • Sport Fishing Yacht Sweetums, 20-meter Hatteras.   US Virgin Islands, Bahamas

  • Sport Fishing Yacht In The Clouds, 23-meter Viking.  Miami, Bahamas

  • Sport Fishing Yacht Never Say Never, 22-meter Merritt. Bahamas, Dominican Republic

  • Sport Fishing Yacht Never Say Never, 18-meter Merritt. British Virgin Islands, Dominican Rep.

  • Sport Fishing Yacht No Agenda,22-meter Rybovich. Bahamas, South Florida

  • A small handful of my personal and family boats I would also run as a fishing guide.