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Captain Tony DeFore
Charter, Crossing, Relief, Trainer, Project Manager.
USA, Cayman Is, Marshall Is 3000Oceans. STCW 2010. ENG1
Conventional Drives, Jet Drives, Arneson Drives.

Based Between Florida's Treasure Coast,

and SW Sardinia Italy.

U.S.A. Passport, Global Entry

Vaccinated, Non Smoking, Zero Tattoos



Phone: USA +1 954-604-4500


Yachting Employment:



M/Y Harle (Feadship 45m)-Crossing/Relief Captain

M/Y Usher (Delta 47m)-Relief Captain

M/Y Mystique (Warren 27m)-Relief Captain, Trainer

M/Y Andiamo (Warren 27m)-Relief Captain, Trainer

M/Y FireFly (Azimut 21m)-Trainer

M/Y Shredder (Grand Banks 18m)-Trainer

Apr 2015, Relief Captain, Active

  • Regular relief captain for all vessels in

  • Focus was mostly on Yacht Harle and Yacht Usher

  • Completed  6 Atlantic crossings.

  • Managed ISM, crew training, crossing crew hire and scheduling.

  • Passage planning, weather routing, and updates to management.

  • Completed MLC survey to change to commercial registry.

  • Managed two yard periods in Spain.

  • Guest and owner charters.

  • Dockwise loading and unloading.

M/Y Constellation (Westport 40M)-Relief Captain.

M/Y Lady Raye (Westport 35m 2005)-Relief Captain

M/Y Lady Raye (Westport 35m)-Captain
M/Y Lady Raye (Broward 28m)-Captain

Apr 2002 -Relief Captain, Captain, Active

  • Caribbean, Bahamas, Gulf of Mexico, Northeast USA. 

  • High speed private family vessel based in Texas.

  • Mentored the family’s grandchild. Did excursions, and learning activities.

  • Developed the deckhand from mate to later take over the yacht as Captain. 

  • With the help of a great crew we kept the yacht safe via movement during the record high hurricane seasons of the 2000s.

  • Continued service on the families newer yachts when available.

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M/Y Ruscello  (San Lorenzo 38m)-Seasonal Captain

Summer 2018, Relief Captain,Active

  • Trained crew on LY2, maintenance, and general yacht standards.

  • Implemented COVID 19 protocols with owners  on during lockdown

  • Surveyed larger yachts for the owner

  • Multiple owner and guest trips

  • Sold Tender and upgraded for the owners

  • Caribbean Usage

  • Very happy with the owner and Management.

  • Coached hands on operation of the vessel with the XO.

M/Y Starship (VanMill 43m)-Captain

Spring 2022

  • Ka Me Wa Series 60 Water Jet Drives

  • Heavy Charter, Bahamas

  • Glowing charter reviews.

  • Transitioned from previous owners to new owners

  • Identified the scope of works needed in future yard periods

  • Forecasted the future financial repair needs.

  • 2 Tenders, 5 Jet skis, Flight boards, Etc.

M/Y Tsumat (Trinity 50m)-Relief Captain

May 2019

  • Relief captain while full time Captain was away.

  • Completed 3 owners trips.

  • Replaced 1 radar, and replaced the Vsat.

  • Managed ISM, crew training, Transport Scheduling, Dive trips

  • Passage planning, weather routing, and updates to management.

  • Pacific Coast: Costa Rica and Mexico.

  • Assisted engineering trouble shooting several issues.

M/Y A2  (Feadship 48m)-Relief Captain

Dec 2017-Feb 2019

  • 1 Atlantic crossing UK to Miami

  • 1 Yard period close out​

  • Took over for Captain's vacation time.

  • Operated the vessel on short South Florida trips.

  • Conducted several owners use scenarios.

  • Maintained the logs, drills, and training.

  • Coached hands on operation of the vessel with the XO.

  • Provided multiple small vessel training sessions to the grandchildren.

  • Assisted in trip planning.

  • Took part in multiple projects.

  • Assisted with a few projects on the owners property.

  • Worked in accordance to management (JBAyachts), Flag, class, and insurance.

M/Y MIZU (OceanFast 54M)-Extended Temp Charter Captain             

M/Y Never Say Never (OceanFast 38M)-Temp Charter Captain

Nov 2016 to Mar 2017

High Speed Luxury Yacht.

  • Joined vessel to recommission after a 3 year yard period.

  • Revamped the entire safety system stem to stern.

  • Completely staffed the vessel, trained entire crew for charter operations.

  • Performed several day charters on the companies other 37m OceanFast.

  • Signed a 3.5 month long charter on behalf of the company.

  • Traveled Bahamas, Cuba, and Caribbean.

  • Set up and maintained and extensive post yard recommissioning list.

  • Financial forecasting for the remainder of the recommissioning items.

  • Towed 10M Tender.

M/Y SeaRacer (Feadship 47m)-Captain

M/Y Ronin (Lurssen 58m)-Relief Captain
M/Y Rompemar (Pershing 28m) Captain

May 2013 - Feb 2015

  • Busy high speed private yacht with the responsibility of 9 Crew.

  • Managed a major refit for SeaRacer 2013-2014.  Consisted of full paint job, new generators, A/V upgrade, and interior upgrades.

  • Full repaint and refit of 38’ intrepid.

  • West Palm Beach base, Caribbean, and East Coast.  

  • We serviced the owner mostly at anchor. Very formal yacht.

  • Trained on towing operations of the 38’ tender. Trained tender Captains on slow safe maneuvering.

M/Y Mar (Ortona Navi 50m)-Project Manager

Jan 2013 - Jun 2013

  • Mediterranean based.

  • Utilizing my extensive resources from operating in Malta I joined this yacht to carry it through it’s 5 year hull survey.

  • Corrected all the deficiencies from the flag state block it had upon my arrival. 

  • Provided support to the auditors and flag state inspectors.

  • Revamped the safety system, performed multiple sea trials, managed the crew, and revamped the ISM.

  • With the help of a great crew we raised the standard for which the vessel was aesthetically maintained.

M/Y Areti (Trinity 60m)-Captain

M/Y Areti II (Burger 39m)-Captain

Dec 2008 - Jan 2013

Mediterranean, Caribbean, USA.

  • 3 busy privately owned yachts. 

  • Initially assisted with ARETI in the USA .  Took command of Areti II in Turkey.

  • Acquired and Towed a 38’ tender, Cape Horn

  • Had great crew longevity; 80% of my crew stayed with me on Areti II.

  • Reassigned to the 60m Areti as Captain to finish the build and deliver USA to Med in 2012. 

  • Managed a 16 person multinational crew.  

  • Worked closely with the Trinity warranty department to bring the yacht to the owner’s standard.

  • Itinerary included Spain, France, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Greece, Turkey, Malta, Sicily, Gibraltar, Canary Islands, Tunisia, Sardinia, USA and Corsica. 

  • Performed 2 Atlantic crossings on the 60m Areti.

M/Y Lady Joy (Cristensen 48m)-Relief Captain

​May 2008 - Nov 2008
  • Caribbean, USA.

  • Very busy charter vessel. 

  • Joined this vessel as a temporary position for the 2008 Caribbean season only. 

  • The lead Captain charged me will full authority to operate the vessel on his behalf. 

  • Accountable for the ISM program, safety, and crew management. 

  • Delivered Lady Joy between long distances and assisted the Captain in his duties when he was on board.

M/V Eland (OSV 57m)-Lead Captain (Contract term)

Mar 2008 - Apr 2008

  • Pacific Northwest, Alaska. 

  • Hired as the lead Captain of a two Captain team to move the vessel from Girabaldi, Oregon to Dilignham, Alaska via False Pass in the Aluetian Islands. 

  • Once the vessel was in place it was put into service for dredge operations for the City of Dilingham.  After completion the vessel was relocated to Oregon and my contract was complete.

M/Y Believe (Westport 40m)-Captain

Dec 2006 - Mar 2008

  • Caribbean, Bahamas, USA, St. Lawrence Seaway.

  • Busy high speed privately owned family vessel based out of West Palm Beach. 

  • Made many upgrades to the yacht per the owners request through Rybovich Shipyard.   

  • Due to the high volume of children that came abroad we organized several excursions and activities. Tutored the children.

  • USCG Masters 3000GT OCEANS/GMDSS, II/1, II/2, II/3, II/4, II/5, IV/2, VI/1, VI/2, VI/3, VI/4

  • Cayman Masters  3000ITC/OCEANS/GMDSS

  • Marshall Islands Masters 3000ITC/OCEANS/GMDSS

  • STCW 2010 Compliant

  • Current ENG1

  • AEC Engineering Certificate.

  • Ship Security Officer/Company Security Officer

  • HELM Leadership and Management, ECDIS

  • Business Administration; Bachelors of Science, University of Florida, 1993

Commercial / Delivery / Contract Vessels (on record with USCG):

M/Y Namaste: 37m; Benetti, North East, to Florida,  Delivery, Boat show prep.                            August 2019 to December 2020


M/Y Liquidity: 32m Pacifica; Pacifica, Panama Canal, Caribbean. Delivery .                                                      June to July 2019 

M/Y SEAMIST: 20m Hatteras; Gulf of Mexico, East USA, Erie Canal, Great Lakes  Delivery.                               June to Aug 2016

M/V A963 Stern: 50m Belgian Navy Ship, Captain; Netherlands, Re flag, and Re class.                                     July to Sept 2015

M/Y BOARDWALK: 40m Westport, Captain; Gulf of Mexico, Florida, Bahamas, Panama.                              May to August 2010

M/Y FUNTOY: 19m Sea Ray, Captain; Private, multiple deliveries, Florida To New Jersey.                                             2008-2009

M/Y LUCKY STRIKE: 22m Custom Sport Fish, Captain; Florida to Texas.   Delivery                                              November 2002

M/Y STAR GAZER: 31m, Managing Captain; Starfleet Entertainment yachts.                                      October 2000 to June 2004

M/Y STAR CRUISER: 28m, Managing Captain; Starfleet Entertainment yachts.                                   October 2000 to June 2004

M/Y STAR SPIRIT: 22m, Managing Captain; Starfleet Entertainment yachts.                                        October 2000 to June 2004

M/Y LAKE LIMO: 11m, Managing Captain; Starfleet Entertainment yachts.                                         October 2000 to June 2004

M/Y SENSATION: 29m, Relief Captain; operated by Majestic Ventures.                                               October 2000 to June 2004

M/Y ROYAL PRINCESS: 29m, Relief Captain; operated by Majestic Ventures.                                    October 2000 to June 2004

M/Y ODYSSEY: 20m, Captain; Kemah Baywatch Tours.                                                                        May 2001 to October 2004

M/Y ISLAND PRINCESS: 18m, Captain; Kemah Baywatch Tours.                                                         May 2001 to October 2004

M/V BAYWATCH: 11m, Captain; Kemah Baywatch Tours.                                                                    May 2001 to October 2004

M/V OCEAN TROLLEY: 8m, Captain; Kemah Baywatch Tours.                                                             May 2001 to October 2004

M/Y PLAYSTATION: 14M Carver, Captain .                                                                                     February 2001 to January 2004

M/Y FUNCHASER: 22m, Captain; Private, Great Lakes to Florida via Mississippi/Tenn Tom.                        January to Dec 1994

Screen Shot 2022-08-23 at 10.51.01 AM.png

Other Marine Related Employment:

Starfleet Entertainment Yachts

M/Y Stargazer

M/Y Star Cruiser

M/Y Star Spirit

M/Y Royal Princess

M/Y Sensation

Lake Limo

Oct 2000 - Jun 2004

  • Captain/Port Captain for a popular entertainment yacht company in Galveston Bay. 

  • Operated as Captain for on going event cruises. 

  • Was in charge of maintaining the fleet of yachts ranging from 12M to 31M. 

  • Maintained a team of captains was part of my duties, such as hiring, training, and scheduling. 

  • Performed all Coast Guard inspections in person. 

  • Due to our positive relations with other companies we also shared events, Captains, and vessels. 


Q-lube Marine Services

Apr 1998 - Jan 2001

  • Owner/Operation of a marine preventative maintenance operation.   

  • Maintained over 150 vessels on a routine maintenance program.

  • Sold the company back to Quaker-State and then continued relationships with my best clients for 3 years.


Baywatch Cruises

M/V Bay Watch

M/V Ocean Trolley

M/Y Stephens

June 1999 to March 2001

  • Provided year round tours

  • Private Charters

  • Charity Cruises

  • Trainer for both boats

  • Managed the maintenance on both vessels.

  • Handled all the cash, and deposits.

SEATOW Services Galveston Bay

May 1999 - Feb 2001

  • Part time. 

  • Assisted in towing operations.

  • Operated all three of the vessels in the fleet.

  • Performed many client retrievals.

  • Assisted local law enforcement in rescue operations.

West Marine Products

Sep 1993 - Aug 2003

  • Started in the Ft Lauderdale Store.

  • Built and Managed 3 stores; Toledo, Pensacola, and Austin.

  • Acquired and managed 2 additional stores; Dallas, and Corpus Christi.

  • Operated at a district level developing store managers in Texas.

  • Completed 6 new store build projects, including hiring and training.

Offshore Marine Towing

Summer Season1992

  • Operated one of the tow vessels out of Light House Point Florida. 

  • Assisted local boaters and law enforcement.

  • Multiple tows, and salvages

  • 2 lives saved

Seatow Galv.png
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